kamikazekeety (transmogrify) wrote in thequestionclub,

parking ticket

a couple of weeks ago, i parked momentarily outside my building here at the university i attend with my emergency lights on while i carried groceries up to my room. there was a ticket on my windshield when i got back down to move my car. there were no spaces in the lot, so i had parked off to the side with plenty of room for people to pass. anywayz, the ticket says that a court appearance is not required which according to the rules on the back means that i can plead guilty if i want and pay the fee. according to my ticket information which i just looked up online the fee is $56. what should i do? should i pay the ticket or just ignore it? this is the first time i've ever received a ticket, so i'm thinking maybe they'll let me slide or something. i'd really rather not have to pay so much just for an offense this small...

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