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After having to move out of a friend’s house last summer, my boyfriend and I have been staying at my boyfriend’s father’s house until we could find a place of our own. Of course, we haven’t yet, because we were both unemployed for months, and I was the only one working for a time. Now we’re both employed and have some money saved up.
In December of 2005, my boyfriend and I made a tentative verbal agreement with his father and his father’s girlfriend to pay off a second mortgage in exchange for living in my boyfriend’s father’s house after they moved downstate. They had an assessor come and assess the house for the re-mortgage. They found out a month ago that the payments would be far too high for us to afford, so they decided to put the house up for sale instead. Here’s the thing: THEY JUST TOLD US YESTERDAY, after having known this for a month. His father is retired, so he had ample time to tell us. The house is going up in a week, and I assume they want us out of the house within that period of time, and they may try to force us out or take our belongings. We may have a new place lined up, but it’s not definite. We now have no guaranteed place to live and get to work from.

There are more sordid details--check out my latest journal entry for details.

What can I do to protect myself and my belongings? Can I sue him for this? Is what he did illegal?
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