A Speck of Universe Dust (wolfteaparty) wrote in thequestionclub,
A Speck of Universe Dust

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Ew ew ew

Is anyone else REALLY grossed out by lint?

I can't stand the sight of lint. And I really can't stand to touch it. I rarely put my hands in my pockets, at least not very deep, lest my fingertips come into contact with some disgusting lint. I really hate sorting through coins or other things that are well-handled or come out of pockets/purses because of hair and lint and the general dirtiness of it all. If I should accidentally touch some lint, I want to jump out of my skin or pour Clorox all over myself or something. I don't know how on earth anyone can manage to clean out those grill-things on clothes dryers that get full of lint-clumps. So the point is, I hate lint.

The one thing worse than lint was the time I put on a cozy bathrobe, stuck my fingers into the pockets... and they touched gritty dirt grains! EWWW!
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