Annie (lordindra) wrote in thequestionclub,

OSX on a G3?

I just got a used Powerbook G3 Pismo, 400Mhz, 192MB ram, 6GB hard drive...

I'd like to install OSX on it. What success am I likely to have?

I've seen conflicting reports. Some say max it out to 512MB before thinking about it, some reports indicate that even the required minimum of 128MB will be sufficient for real use. It will obviously run as-is, but the question is how well? I've successfully dealt with Windows NT4 on a 486 with 24MB ram, so I can deal with fairly slow computers, so long as its reliable and I can get stuff done(main uses will be internet access and doing homework, plus some programming).

Also, the 512MB ram limit, is it a solid limit, or was it just because 256MB was the largest SO-DIMM available at the time? If the latter, can I just plug larger modules in or do I need to do some sort of BIOS update?

And finally, what tips do any of you mac users have for a 19 year veteran of the PC world, who hasn't touched a mac in 5 years, and hasn't done any real work on them in over 10(and even then, it was just light word processing) years? This is the first Mac I've ever owned, and the first that I'll actually be relying on to any extent. So far its really confusing... my mind is heavily warped towards the DOS/Windows/UNIX styles of interacting wtih a computer, which is quite a bit different... Thats half the reason I want OSX... its UNIX base will provide a point of familiarity to me, even if the GUI is unlike any of my prior experience, the UNIX base will at least help me feel more confident behind the keyboard.
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