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Capral Tunnel Question...

Ok I'm like pretty sure I have Capral Tunnel and possibly something else. My wrists, hands, and fingers will start to hurt and get sore periodically and lately it's becoming more frequent. My job requires me to type all day basically transcribing half of special phone conversations so really it's not suprising for something like this to happen.

What I'm curious about is if anyone can give me tips on how to deal with this. Any special excerises or home remedies that I could do to ease the pain would be a life saver right about now. I got some from work from the ergonomics lady when I made the mistake of MENTIONING a TINY bit of pain before it really started and I was refused working overtime for about four months and I need the overtime to live at this moment so going back to making a remark at this moment is not good. What I just need are some good ideas to help ease the pain and make it easier to do my job. Oh and I already have one of those wrist splint thingies [sorry don't remember the name] so that is helping.

I also am thinking of going to a Dr to have it checked out and I'm just curious if I end up getting the surgery to fix the Capral Tunnel what exactly will happen. Like I know there is a surgery but what do they do, how long is recovery, and what's it like after the surgery. Are you able to type again and all is well or are there differences?

I know I could look up this info online as well, and I plan too, but I also wanted to hear some things that may have worked for people and your personal opinions on what would be a good idea, etc...
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