Cantras (starlitsiren) wrote in thequestionclub,

Are there hardy fish available for smaller tanks?
I kindof want a fish in my 1, 1.5 gallon tank... it's one of those vase thingies that you get bettas in with a plant and they lie to you and say the fish will eat the plant... not really something that you can get a heater/filter/air thingy for.

What would make a good tank mate for two snails? a betta, since that was the original occupant? or would it eat the antennae eye stalk thingies?

and, I usally clean the tank by plunking the snails into a cup of water while I scrub out the tank. I assume a fish would protest this by dying. how would I clean the tank then?

Or, is my tank too small to add anything to?

Edit- another question: do snails float when they die? the yellow one is floating again. Last time I asked, I was told it's just something they do... but how can I tell if it's dead or not(besides how bad it'll smell)?
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