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wedding question

Would you attend a wedding as a guest of a member of the wedding party?
If you do so, are you condemning yourself to sitting alone at the ceremony and with people you don't know at the reception?
if so, would that affect your decision?
I know the couple getting married and one person in the wedding party, nobody else. I am the rather serious SO of someone in the wedding party, and he wants me around, but I feel as though I may end up sitting by myself all day--which happens to be one of my least favorite activities. Then again, as the bride seems to like to keep him around and single as "dick in a glass case" (break in case of emergency) and the bride has broken up with several fiances before, my primal urge is to curb the boredom in hopes of at least spending the dancing portion of the evening peeing a primordial circle around my b/f. (Note, this is *mostly* farce.)

Even so.
1. Is it appropriate to attend a wedding with someone who is in the wedding party, if you are NOT in the wedding party, and will barely get to spend time with your "date"?
2. If he *has* to dance with a bridesmaid for a dance or two, am I then allowed to swing dance with a guy or two if music permits, seeing as I *do* have a date present, whose best friend is getting married, but that I won't get to spend time with? (Unfortunately, the bride is the type to make a huge deal out of it if I DO dance with anybody else, even if my guy wouldn't, because he understands how swing/social dancing works.)
3. How much time, on average, do wedding party members actual get to spend with the general public at these sort of things? Should I arrange for my own transportation to the reception? The bride is *not* being forthcoming about this info. I do know there's a couple of hours of pictures sometime.

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