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Short chapters in writing?

Once again, bugging you guys with random questions. :D

When I'm writing a story, I usually have the problem that my chapters are terribly short. Or if the length is okay, the action is still divided into tiny, tiny little scenes. I can't seem to keep the focus in one small area for a longer period of time. (This most recent story being what's worrying me. I'm just writing this thing as the ideas come flowing, but for the love of Frank, those scenes are short.)

I usually have two or three things that I want to happen in a scene -- so they happen, and people say what they have to say.. then I jump to another character in another location.

Any tips for getting out of this habit?

And is it really such a bad habit, anyhow? What do you think of short chapters?

If you need an example of how my longer writing ends up as, just pop around the most recent chapters of Allucinari.
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