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Photo displays

So I've got just tons of really neat photographs sitting in boxes. I take them, I collect them...


However I'm becoming quite bored with picture frames and don't wish to tack them to matte boards or directly to the wall...

Anyone have any suggestions on how to create a unique and attractive display out of my photographs?

Most of the photos are 4x6 and 5x7. I've looked into those ready-made "collage" frames and they don't quite float my boat.

I'm moving this summer and not opposed to the idea of taking up a wall in my new place to create a mural of sorts...but I'm kind of curious to see how you all display your photos...or art even.

Gah. It's late. I'm tired. Hope this makes sense.

I wish to keep the photos in question in one piece and free of pin holes and stuff. So no cutting or altering or, I'm really making this difficult.
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