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We have two people, Person A and Person B. They are getting divorced.

Inititally, Person A was going to move from the house they jointly owned, while Person B was staying. Then Person B realizes they can't afford the house, so the roles reverse--Person A is now staying, and Person B is now moving.

They sign their papers, and it is stated in the papers that Person B must move out by April 1st. The papers are filed, and they are days away from being final, when Person B says to Person A, "I feel like you are pushing me out of the house, can I have past April 1st to find a place?" Keep in mind Person A REALLY wants the divorce and is looking forward to being alone, and Person B has dragged this thing out seven months already.

So would Person A be a total idiot to let Person B stay? And since it's on legal documents, can Person A even LEGALLY let Person B stay there?

One of the parties involved is a friend of mine, so I'd like opinions. Thanks!
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