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"They're just narcissists, well wouldn't it be nice to be Dorian Gray?"

What jewellery are you currently wearing?

(And if you want to share it) What's the story behind it?

ETA: Silver metals or goldy metals (or something else)?

Left wrist:
An long gold necklace that used to be my mum's wrapped around my wrist (four times). It used to have all these little gold trinkets hanging from it, but she bought a new one when we went to Malaysia last summer and lucky ol' me got this.

Right wrist:
A crystal bracelet, also from Malaysia, from a lovely jewelry shop were they make made-to-measure stuff. It's amazingly shiny.
A not-so-cheap 'jade' bracelet from a second-hand shop in Manchester.
A 'LiveWrong' bracelet originally bought by one of my best mates, who then gave it to me beacuse it was too big for her. It makes me laugh.

A gold necklace I've had since I was little. On one side's a hibiscus which (I think) is the national flower of Malaysia, and what I think may be a rose on the other.

Just my old starter studs (gold with orange stones) because they're comfortable.

I love silver/platinum/white gold (I hadn't worn gold for around five years before last summer), yet all the jewelry I've worn for the past few months is gold. I blame the guilt tripping of Indian relatives who thought I was somewhat abnormal.

Because stories and anecdotes are always interesting.
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