El Bandito (tophet_perish) wrote in thequestionclub,
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Fun-time Questions.

Name 5 old school classic movies. Like...The Blob or something. I've been deprived as a child and haven't seen MANY of the scary movies. [example: Jaws, Alien, Thing, Chucky, It Came From Outer Space!...it goes on]

Has anyone read the book House of Leaves? If you have...tell me how you got through it. I'm barely sleeping, my mind is scattered brain, I freak out all the time...

Or: share your experiences with a book that was a serious mind-fuck. I'm talking getting that creeping, sinking feeling that something is just behind you all the time and being unable to wrap your mind fully around the subject.

And name one Pro for drinking. Not excessively, just in a general sort of healthy way.
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