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Okay, cell phone experts, here's a dilema my mom needs some help with:

My mom had/has AT&T Wireless. Three lines - one for her, one for her friend, and one for my brother. Mom & her friend have CA numbers (seeing as how we live in CA), but my brother still has a NY number from when he was at Columbia. Mom went ahead and switched her plan over to Cingular (you know, since they've swallowed AT&T now). Then a couple weeks later, her friend moved her phone to Cingular, too. Brother needs to migrate to Cingular and get a CA number now that he's back home. Now comes the problem.

AT&T can't issue him a CA number seeing as how they can't issue new numbers. He's got to get a new number from Cingular. Cingular can't give him a new number until he migrates over from AT&T. In order to do that, he has to buy a phone. BUT he can't buy a phone online and ship it to himself in CA because his number is a NY number. Fine, we tried to order the phone and have it shipped to my friend's address in NY but no, that won't work either because the area codes are off. My suggestion was to cancel brother's phone number and just add a new line, which would automatically be a Cingular line. Oh wait, nope, can't do that without paying the early activation fees because he just upgraded a year ago and the contract isn't up yet.

Confused? Me, too. But here's my question: Does anyone have a possible solution that we can take to a store and try?
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