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I'm just full of questions today!

For you PHP/etc coders out there -- what editing tool do you use? I'm assuming there's something better out there than just notepad/editpad.

For that matter, what do you use to edit your HTML if you edit by hand? (If you use Frontpage/Dreamweaver/some other WYSIWYG, I'm not interested in knowing about that. Just if you hand code.)

If you have a web host (your own "paid" webpage), who is your host? Would you recommend them to someone?

Do you think there's a market for selling used VHS tapes anymore? I need cash, I have 300+ VHS tapes. I'm wondering about selling them.

When do Canadian (Ontario) tax returns generally come back? For that matter, when are they due? I could google that last one, but I'm already asking a question, so I'll just throw it in there.

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