nill (tallycola) wrote in thequestionclub,

first question

My friend is running for one of the student council spots and has set up a pretty decent website. It's on Freewebs, though, and the URL is looong and I thought I would set up a redirecting URL for her, like all the kids on the web used to have those short URLs to redirect everyone to their free long-ass web address sites. The only site I know that does it, ("), pretty much floods the site with popups when it's used though. The site I went to that I remembered had one of these redirect things managed to get a popup past Firefox, which is like the first time that's happened since I used it, so I can only imagine what it would look like on IE.

Does anyone know any other free redirection thingies? Or where I could get one set up? I could always buy her (hername) but that's 5 quid I can't really spare. Oh well.

Tags: school, the internet
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