goop (goop) wrote in thequestionclub,

ok... so for about 3 weeks my big toe (where the nail meets skin) has been very very sore, almost bruise-like soreness. today i was comparing my two big toes and the sore one definitely looks different. it hasn't grown in a month (my toenails are painted and that one is the only one that the paint line hasn't moved); i have NO CUTICLE, like the skin just overlaps the nail; and the toe is very thick and swollen.

now of course i expect all the responses to say "go to the doctor," but i go to such a ghetto ass doctor that they've never hesitated to give me a guilt trip for wasting their time with something that "isn't really an emergency" (even with my last UTI that lasted over a month, they made me feel bad about being worried about it.)

so needless to say i'm very hesitant about calling up with something as trivial as "my toe hurts," and i was just wondering has this ever happened to anyone, and what did you do about it? i've pretty much assumed it's an infection, but can it be treated from the outside with like epsom salt or something, or do i really need antibiotics or something from the doctor?
Tags: health, medical
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