Pixie (thepastrypixie) wrote in thequestionclub,

I downloaded Avast anti-virus on the recommendation of several LJ people, and thus far I love it, but for one thing, ever since I installed it my computer has lagged amazingly bad. It is especially annoying when I'm using Google Docs as it seems to scan the page EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. I CHANGE CELLS IN A SPREADSHEET!!! I tried adding http://spreadsheets.google.com to my do not scan list but that hasn't made a difference.

Will you please explain to me how to make it not suck so bad?

PS. I am using Firefox.

For the organized: What is your favorite way of keeping track of things that you need to do? Post-its? Lists? Writing it in your calendar/planner?

I do all three. I write lists on post-it's and stick them in my calendar so that I can move them from one week to the next if need be. For things that must be done on a specific day it gets written on that day and when I'm done with whatever it is I highlight it with whatever color highlighter I have closest to me. If you look at my old planners and flip through them they're a rainbow of color with nearly every page filled.

For the unorganized: How do you survive?
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