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I suddenly out of nowhere go these itch red welts that vary in shape and size ALL OVER my body. Excluding my face [so far]. They are horribly itchy and get worse if I scratch them. A welt doesn't seem to appear unless I scratch either but it itches so badly...I have ice on them now and it's helping a little but they still won't go away. Could they be hives? What can I do if they are hives? I thought it was bed bugs but...we changed all of my clothes/bed sheets/everything/bombed my room/took pets I dunno.

I was at the park on Friday with some friends and I thought somehow I may have gotten in contact with poison...I didn't touch anything but my mom said it can be in the air to. If so wouldn't my friends have the same symptoms? I was there Friday and this started in the afternoon on Sunday. It's literally ALL OVER my body like I said. We've checked for fleas and there are none. I had my new [as of April 21st this year] guinea pig in my room with his cage near my bed. My mom thinks there were mites on him [got him at Petco if that matters] and they got onto my bed from his cage. I rarely see him scratch though...

I have googled this and I come up with many things it could be but I'm still uncertain. Should I just see a doctor if it worsens? Any creams I can buy to get rid of these welts?
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