Cara or C.C., whichever you prefer (ms_octopus_lady) wrote in thequestionclub,
Cara or C.C., whichever you prefer

I work for this guy who runs a computer repair company out of his bedroom. I'm basically his bookkeeper, I balance his checkbook and organize his paperwork. That's what the job description said, and that's what I signed up for.

Now, suddenly, he's got me doing more secretarial work. I still manage his finances, but now I'm taking calls, making calls, making appointments, writing letters, and dealing with complaints from the clients. And I SUCK at doing all of that. I have TERRIBLE phone skills (I really, really hate talking on the phone), and I don't sound professional at all. Plus, when the clients complain, it's like their talking in another language -- I don't know why the hell their modem isn't working! I don't even really know what a modem is!

Whenever I tell him I don't know how to do any of this stuff and if maybe he can guide me a little, he tells me he's busy. Playing World of Warcraft. I'm not kidding. One client was getting really pissed off, and my boss kept saying to me, "I'll be done in this instance in twenty minutes, keep him busy until then." When I said, "Hey, maybe we can just say we'll call him back?" he got REALLY mad at me. "That's completely unprofessional and we can lose him as a customer!" And then he got mad at me again, because his character died.

Now he wants me to send out this mass letter to all his clients telling that his rates are going up. I don't even know how to START that letter.

Soo...any advice how to write that letter? How about tips on being a good secretary?

P.S. I know this job is super lame, and I'm looking for another, but in the mean time, there are bills to pay. :(
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