Kandace Beth (kandacebeth) wrote in thequestionclub,
Kandace Beth

Isn't life just peachy?

Everyone loves a good love triangle. Well - at least until it happens to you. Anyways, my question is just about people's experience in the past with these types of situations:

I dated a guy (T) for a few months, he got cold feet, broke it off. Four months later, I started dating some other guy (D) who is like our mutual friend. We kind of dated in secret, which I don't know if that complicates the situation, but whatever. Anyways, the whole D thing is getting really serious and we just fight all the time - its not fun, and I just don't know if that's what I want right now. Also, I found out that T has feelings for me - and now he wants me back. So, TQC, if you were me, what would you do? Stable / Dependable / Slightly Boring (D) or Fun / Crazy / Inconsistent (T) ?

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