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Can I get your abacus number?

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Paging Dr Eljay!

I have this weird red swollen bump on the inside of my elbow, and there's these pinkish streaks on my arm near it. And the skin on it is all flaky. The weird thing is that it doesn't itch much, and it's not as swollen as a normal bug bite. I don't know what it is... it's been there for days... and I've never had anything like this before, so it's bothering me...

Does anyone know what it is and/or know how I can make it go away?

EDIT: Okay, my mum just phoned my doctor about it. If the doctor's office reckons I need to see them, which I suppose they will-- infection in the blood stream, bad, got it-- I'll be going to get it checked out 8:30 Eastern time-- less than two hours from now. Thanks, everyone!
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