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This always seems to happen to me. He became... a girlfriend-bore!

I became good friends with a guy a while ago, but we've just begun to hang out. We went to eat and he saw this girl he thought was hot. He asked her for her number. She hesitated, but I paid her a visit to talk to her and now they're sort of dating. It's all fine.

Except now all he does is talk about her. Every day is like...

Him: Hi, how are you?
Me: Good and you?
Him: OMG I'm going to see (the girl) today!! Look at this text message of her declaring her undying love for me! This is uncomfortable for you to look at but I don't care!! Her her her!!
Me: *uncomfortable* Umm... that's really good.

It's getting really annoying. I have a feeling that it's going to get worse because he's not shy about talking about... er... sexual experiences. He wants to hang out on Saturday. What should I do?

A. Fire him from friendship. All he can think about is her anyway. He can't possibly value your friendship.

B. Talk to him about it. Since I have no tact, I cannot avoid hurting his feelings.

C. Try and put up with it and hope it goes away after a while. See how it goes. Then fire him if it gets bad.

D. (Your comment here)

I even read the wiki how article which said I should try to avoid hurting his feelings because he's *excited.* He's in his 30s and has had quite the number of sexual partners, so he's not inexperienced. He's just... wow. It's getting boring.

Oh and tomorrow I start karate. I'm excited.
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