Elise (thefour_winds) wrote in thequestionclub,

college sucks

Ive been an Architecture major for two years and I'm about to start my second summer of Arch courses.. I ran into a 3rd year and he recognized me (we never really had "met" before) and we got to talk talking and he said he was switching majors and we discussed it and I sort of started to thinking, do I really want to do this? Then I had a conversation with my manager at work and he asked me, "What are you passionate about?" And I thought, Architecture? But I knew that wasn't really true...

Which brings me to my question: Am I crazy to set myself back this much and change my major to film studies--with the technical aspects as a concentration, editting or possibly cinematography, that sort of thing-- (possibly a double major with graphic design)? Do you have or are you working on a degree that your family/friends says, Why?! Thats USELESS! How's that working out for you?
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