*The Llama Queen [krysta works, too...] (thellamaqueen) wrote in thequestionclub,
*The Llama Queen [krysta works, too...]

i know i just posted like, 8 questions ago, but... get over it. :P

Today I am going to go visit my grandfather in the hospital.  When I was there last Friday, my grandma was talking about how lonely it is in bed at night without my grandpa (he has been in the hospital for about a week now), so I told her that she should get a body pillow so she had something to cuddle with at night.  My husband and I were out yesterday and we picked one up for her... would it be okay for us to carry the huge body pillow into the hospital with us to give to her, or might they not allow that?
Also, I want to bring some sort of a small gift for my grandpa.  Would it be tacky to bring him a picture of me and him together at my wedding, in a frame, so he can display it in his room?  Or would that be a good idea?  Should I just get a balloon or something instead? 
I'm not very well versed in the whole "visiting people in the hospital" thing...
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