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Batch o' Questions!

01) If your pee is bright orange...what does that mean?

02) If you put an LJ·cut inside another LJ·cut, what happens?

03) Whether or not you've already had it, how was your first sexual experience?

04) Should it be made legal to nuke skunks from orbit?

05) If you had to describe yourself in 2 words, what would they be?

06) What is the stupidest thing you've ever heard anyone say?

07) What's the stupidest line you've ever heard in a movie?

08) If you think this is stupid...why're you still reading it?

09) Is your weight in pounds greater or less than your height in centimeters?

10) If you absolutely had to shave a part of your body that has hair but isn't the top of your head or your genitals...what would you choose?

11) God appears in your kitchen and demands a girlscout cookie. Which flavor do you think is worthy?

12) If a female dog is a bitch, then what's a male dog?

13) How many animals do you find adorable that could likely kill you if they got a chance?

14) Where's Waldo?

15) If you shoot a bullet straight up and it falls right back down, would it be fast enough to kill someone?

16) Do you own any clothes that're pink?

17) Which of my icons do you think I should delete and why?

18) What do you usually always have in your pockets?
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