cricket (earth_nymph) wrote in thequestionclub,

This might get a little sticky. Bear with me, please. I realize I might not be the best with words, but I'm trying to convey something that I see quite often...

I am wondering if anyone is offended when people claim certain ethnicity ("Native American" is a common one, and the example I'll use here) yet their "dominant" ethnicity is Caucasian or something other?

Like, I had a friend who was 100% Ojibwa native. She would get offended when joe-schmoe came up boasting "Native blood" when he was clearly white, blonde hair, blue eyes... maybe there was Native somewhere along that line, but it could not be traced back. To her, he was not native. To many, it just seemed he wanted to boast "ethnic" heritage and it embrassed and frustrated my friend.

If you are "ethnic", how do you feel about others claiming to share your ethnicity, when they clearly don't look it?

How ethnic do you have to be to be considered "ethnic"?

To those who are "mixed", can you trace your heritage back? At what point do you start/stop calling yourself "Native"? Do you consider yourself "native" even if the only native blood you might have was from great, great, great ancestors who were native? Do you ever feel weird claiming "native blood" in front of "full-blooded" natives?
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