Nicole (ex_whatsthe) wrote in thequestionclub,

Boo to drunken fucktards

Ok TQC, last night someone got mad at me and, in a drunken rage, FUCKED UP my car door. Like, they opened it way past the point of where it's supposed to open, and threw their whole body weight on it several times. Then they slammed it closed... except it wouldn't close. So they slammed it back and forth about five times.

Needless to say, bitch is paying for the repairs.

Basically, my car door doesn't close anymore. When I try to push it closed, it springs back. And when I press my body weight against it, it will finally shut... but not all the way. It's always at that awkward half way point.

I'm going to a repair shop tomorrow for an estimate. Any idea how much this will be, though? If it matters, it's a 2007 Dodge Caliber.

(Btw, the arguement was really dumb. They said Hilary Clinton didn't deserve to be president because she couldn't please her husband, causing him to cheat on her. And when I said that was really ignorant, their ass went crazy)
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