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another question...sorry! D:

I know I post a lot of college related questions but I can't seem to get as many answers from college related

I know I want to go a traditional college for an associates degree [2 years] and I want to major in Arts and Humanities. When I google career paths I get kind of confused mainly because this degree is so broad. I want to know specifically what kinds of jobs I can get besides teaching and management. Any clues? I REALLY do not want to teach. Would it be better for me to get a 4 year degree? I know that a lot of people start out with this major and then after taking several classes decide on a more focused major later on.

Also, I was going to a technical school for graphic design last year for 4 months [hated it] and dropped out of course. I owe them about $7,316 and it's a loan so of course there's interest. My plan was to pay off the loan and THEN go to another college because I'd hate to have to combine that loan with the loans I will be needing for the new college, you know? That just feels like too much debt to me. Then again I can always make a payment plan, right? It will take me a LONG ass time to pay that loan off and I'd really rather not wait too long to start another college...considering how the tuition costs go up every year. :/ Should I wait it out and pay off the money I already owe or combine the loans together and worry about it after I graduate?
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