Mr. O (conflabit) wrote in thequestionclub,
Mr. O

Following a rather rude encounter involving a gentleman with whom you have been involved in a rather large number of underground cartels involving the transportation and sales of various illegal substances, you feel morally obligated to cease operations and begin an honest life as a merchant selling various types of sausages. A problem, however, quickly arises whenever you realize that you have signed a binding contract with your business associate, and any attempts to leave the organization would only result in what is commonly referred to as "castration", with a specific mention outlined in page five, section A, sub-section D-1.

Suffice to say it is most unpleasant.

However, you have established non-contractual contacts without various members of other organizations who would be all but thrilled to assist you in ending your contract. The only problem presented, however, is that there are a few of the non-contractual organization contacts are using this as a means to acquire you and your known business savvy--as well as any possible drugs you might gather prior to your leaving your current employment. It rather puts a hinder on selling sausages, yes?

Understanding all of these things, do you:
1 - Use your contacts with the Dark Magic Society to end your contract with the Cartel via a large, fire-breathing dragon-type monster?
2 - Simply use your combat skills and end the life of your partner and the contract through those means?
3 - Accept the terms of the Prostitutioner's Guild and allow them to end the contract for you, also taking a position as Prostitute's Guard?
4 - Accept the terms of the presented by a collection of Maintenance Workers who double as Thieves and allow them to end the contract for you, also taking a position as a Scout for the organization?
5 - Decide that all possible alternatives are too depressing, as you will never sell your sausages, and slit your wrists in the moonlight?
6 - Bludgeon your business partner to death with a large salami?
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