LONDON TIPTON~ (overdrrive) wrote in thequestionclub,

job interview...

I have a job interview for In Touch Weekly tomorrow as an editorial intern and I have no idea what to wear. I've been told that you're not supposed to wear suits to magazine interviews and nothing too dressy up. The atmosphere, I'm told, is very laid back like jeans and stuff. I have a limited selection of my business clothes because I'm not at home right now... what do I wear? This is my first real interview (well, technically I had interview for Nordstrom, but those don't really count) and I'm nervous about not looking too dressed up or looking like I'm dressed and ready to go out clubbing.

Do you think a dress with leggings and high heels will be fine?

excuse the drunk face/mess that I am

I love this dress and it's very colorful and very me. What are your thoughts? Yes/No?

Also, maybe someone can help me here too... I have no idea what to expect... should I bring my resume in and my cover letter that I sent? Do I bring in clips that I wrote too like as samples????

I had this interview scheduled for a while... but during this past weekend I applied to a bunch more jobs... and obviously because of the holiday weekend I haven't heard back. I figured since the email said that they were scheduling interviews for all day tomorrow... that they wouldn't tell me right then and there that I got the job.

But, if so???, is there any proper way to be like, "I have to think about it" and not accept it right then and there? I don't want to sound selfish and not appreciative of the opportunity... but I'd like to see if anyone else asks me for an interview...
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