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So I want to get a new laptop. I've heard enough horror stories about Windows Vista that I'm probably going to avoid it. I've found some good deals on laptops with Windows XP from Dell and Lenovo. What I don't like about Windows is the worrying about viruses and spyware. On my current PC, I keep having to remove spyware in spite of antivirus protection. Also, in my experience, Windows sort of deteriorates over time. It does serve all of my purposes, though.

I'm also thinking about getting a MacBook. The screen is a little bit smaller than what I prefer, but the larger MacBook Pro is quite a bit more expensive. What I like about the idea is that I'd still be able to do the things I already do, and the OS is resistant to viruses (though not as immune as some people believe, according to my readings). I am also trying to figure out if it's more reliable, less likely to become outdated, more likely to last, etc.

I've been asking for feedback from friends. I use a Mac at work and have used them at school, and I never noticed many problems; but some people on my friends list said they misbehave as much as Windows and they are harder to fix when something goes wrong.

I also thought about Linux, but I doubt that I'd be able to get it to work with all of my tasks/files. I used to use Linux, and I found it difficult to fix when something went wrong, which something often did. I guess I'm just not enough of a geek. :P

So what do you guys think? Would you go with an XP laptop or a MacBook? Any experiences or opinions to share?
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