Elise (thefour_winds) wrote in thequestionclub,

Am I going to be a horrible scar face?!

I got my eyebrows waxed Friday and instead of just the regular redness I apparently got an extremely painful burn (on both eyebrows/eye areas). On my left eye its a lot worse and this... 1/4"x2" patch of skin is just on fire. I figured it was nothing but it's still bothering me and the skin has cracked off and there's a little almost bloodishness (you know what I mean? Not actual blood but maybe right beneath the skin) on part of it. I haven't been poking at it and I've applied Neosporin and just sort of moped.

My questions then are...

a) Do you think this is going to scar?! I'm so vain, I know, but damn its huge and scary looking. :<
b) Can I really get anything done by going back to the place that did this? I've been there before with different people for hair cuts and brow waxes before with all good results and I really like all the people there, but I mean, damn. And if I did go back, what are they going to really do? Offer me a free brow wax? -_-;
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