Liz Durham (ex_lizyd) wrote in thequestionclub,
Liz Durham

alienware users:

this question is for those of you that have an alienware computer - specifically a notebook, but any alienware user will do:

1.) has your computer ever fucked up in any way? and if so, what's gone wrong?
2.) how has customer support treated you? alienware claims that, for users under warranty (i found out i still have a couple weeks left!) they will come to your house and fix it for you.

to answer my own first question - the keys sometimes don't register and i have to go back and retype them, the little notch thing at the top that closes the computer is no longer spring-loaded and i have to push it over myself, the cd burner scratches cds and i can't even listen to them because they suck so much, the volume adjuster wheel thing broke and is now stuck inside my computer, and to top it off, the mic/speakers are somehow.. fucked up. like too close. and the mic picks up everything and squeals if you turn it up too much. oh yeah, and it overheats.

i love my computer so much, but i don't think it's even been a year, and all this shit is happening to it. i'm upset.
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