Krissie (eissirk) wrote in thequestionclub,


I just found out Jason Mraz (who I love) is coming to Detroit. I had checked his tour dates earlier and thought he wasn't coming, so I just flipped a shit when I got the email from ticketmaster.
Five questions.
1. None of my friends like Jason Mraz, so I'd be going alone...should I go alone?
2. Is there a way to buy backstage passes like you could win from a radio station? (Yes, I know I'm creepy)
3. If ticket sales start at 10:00 AM, what time should I really get there?
4. If it says "mainfloor general admission standing room," that means we just stand there, right?
5. Have you ever gone to a concert alone? What was it like?

edited to clean up after my sorry ass

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