:) (tin_foil_hat) wrote in thequestionclub,

1. Why isn't my voice post auto transcribing?

I have no sound on my computer and no idea what I said.

2. How was your saturday night?

I had an awesome time at a indiana jones marathon, and then spent about 2 & a half hours waiting for a bus that never came, and didn't get home until 8am (I got dropped off at the bus stop at 2:20am).

3. a) Will my mum appreciate it if I spend $50 (AUD) (a lot of money for me right now) on adopting her an animal through WWF for her birthday? b)I don't know what she'd like, and saving a turtle or something seems better than a dvd she'll never watch, right?

c)Anything similarly world-helpy I could get her (cheaper things would be a plus)?
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