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Do people actually derive joy out of using other people? I have a friend who asked me to make him VHS copies of my Bakuretsu Hunters DVDs in exchange for some of copies of his anime. I felt a little bad about it, but I figured it was a fair trade, since we'd be over at each other's houses watching them anyway if we lived near one another. I bought the tapes with my own money, and sat and recorded the DVDs. No sooner had I packaged them up and sent them off, he comes up with some stupid excuse that he can't make the copies for me. It had something to do with money, I guess. So I told him I'd be content with a letter in return. Suffice to say I've yet to receive said letter.
NOW he's asking me to burn him a copy of a new game set I got. Not only can't I as I have no CD burner, I wouldn't. I'm sick of being used as a source of piracy for him. It'd be one thing if he was willing to share things, but he's so greedy he doesn't give a flip about hurting my feelings or inconveniencing me.

What is UP with people like that?!
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