Elise (thefour_winds) wrote in thequestionclub,

Paper writing

I'm currently writing two different papers (and btw, thanks for the topic help a few weeks ago). I usually have a terribly hard time getting started on papers so this time I said [long story short] why don't I use Word's little voice recorder to just dictate my own paper and then just re-listen to it, type it out, and edit that.

Do you think this is a method destined for failure? What techniques do you usually use in pre-writing for papers?

The first is an analysis of Annie Hall's philisophical themes and topics with an emphasis on how the use of different film/cinematographical (is this a word? I'm sure you get it either way) to reinforce said themes.

The second is, essentially, a feminist critique of the [original] Star Wars film and an argument for Leia as a strong woman character, blah blah blah.

Do you ever wear socks with cartoonish prints (ex. monkeys or cats or rabbits, etc...)

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