(les) yeux fumeux (yeuxfumeux) wrote in thequestionclub,
(les) yeux fumeux

So there are two ways that I can spend my summer, and I'm completely unsure of what to do.

Option 1:
I got an internship for the summer. It's not one of those "lucrative" internships that pay their interns a ridiculous amount of money. In fact, the internship is unpaid. It's just something that seems like fun and relevant to what I think I'd like to pursue as a career. But knowing me, I change my mind all the time and in a few months, I could decide that I want to pursue something else entirely. I think the internship would be fun, and I'd get to live with one of my best friends in New York City. I'm also a junior, so this would be my last summer before I graduate.

Option 2:
I can take a few classes at my college, which is supposed to be gorgeous in the summertime. My boyfriend will also be there, which is a huge incentive. It would be a relaxing summer in quiet Upstate New York.

Help me weight out my options. What should i do? What would you do?
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