edgy. not homicidal. (aislincalum) wrote in thequestionclub,
edgy. not homicidal.

Inspired by my "adventure" last night...

If ever, when was the last time you got into a car accident?

Who was at fault?

Did anyone get hurt?

Anyone have any crazy stories?

We (my SO's cousin was driving) rearended a lady last night that stopped in the middle of the freeway in an effort to cut into traffic merging onto another freeway. She kept driving! We had to follow her for another 2 miles before we were able to get her to pull over, where she began screaming at Cousin while we were waiting for the cops. Then she drove off!! We had to chase her and call the cops back to give them our new location. Luckily she drove into a cul-de-sac and we were able to block her in when she tried to drive away again. And all I wanted was to go home after a long day...
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