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Some things I've been meaning to ask...

1.) There's a shampoo usually found in the dog isle that people use as well (so I've heard) called Mane and Tail (or Hair and Mane? or something) that's for horses. I've never seen it, but people have told me it makes your hair thicker. Does anyone have any idea what I'm talking about, and is this true - because my hair is really thin and all the thickening shampoo's I've tried really don't work at all.

2.) Speaking of hair, my rabbit has been shedding A LOT lately. She always used to shed a little, but now when you pick her up you can just see hair go flying everywhere and it's really gross. There's actual hairballs all over the cage that were never there before. (I got her last April.) A friend of mine said that all rabbits do that and she's just changing her coat. But this friend of my mom's has had rabbits her whole life apparently and she said that she's never heard of shedding that bad before and I should take her to the vet. She's not balding or anything, but I'm a little worried. I've looked in rabbit books for shedding, and I've found nothing. Does anyone else have a bunny with this problem? :\

3.)And lastly, I'm looking for neat photo program that's easy to use, and not very expensive (under 30 bucks). Any suggestions?

Thanks and sorry for such long questions!

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