Somewhere between unsure and a hundred. (liagibba) wrote in thequestionclub,
Somewhere between unsure and a hundred.

Okay, this is kinda complicated so I aplogize if I confuse anyone, but I need outside opinions 'cause I'm not sure of the situation.
At my apartment, we pay the water bill and it's in my name. We live in a house that has two apartments in it, and the guy who lives in the other apartment does not directly pay the water bill, so it's up to me and my 2 roommates. So, the way it is now is that we split the bill 4 ways, for the 3 of us and the guy who lives in the other apartment. This month's water bill was $145.96, split 4 ways that's $36.49. Then, on the next months's rent payment, we take the other guy's share of the water bill off of each of our rent, which is $275. So we split what would be his payment of $36.49 into our rents, so next month's rent will be $262.84.
So, my question is, is this fair or am I getting screwed? I mean, since the water bill is in my name, shouldn't *I* be the only one taking the other guy's share of the water bill out of my rent? The full payment ultimately comes out of my bank account, so really taking out 1/3 of the other guy's water bill doesn't seem fair to me. I feels like something isn't right, but I can't find the right way to put it into words and explain it to my roommates. I could be wrong in this, and I fully acknowledge that.

Any advice is appreciated. I'll clarify more if anyone needs more in order to help with advice.

Thanks :)
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