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So, for my Engineering term this year we have to present an idea for a project with a $400 budget between 8 people. The most popular ideas get picked and we get split up into groups of 8, so we contribute 50 bucks each to our project. I have no idea what to do, so I'll ask you great people...

what is something that you wish was invented, but hasn't been yet? or

what is something that already exists, that you would like to improve upon?

Last term there was a heated doormat, so as to melt ice. Neat, eh? However it was like three inches thick, haha. I'll share my one idea with you
I was thinking of a lamp that would let out enough light depending on the surroundings, like a light-sensored lamp, though the sensor would have to be placed away from the lamp... never thought of that... but yeah, it would let out enough light so that it wouldn't be weird having it on in the day when you needed light, but not as much as you would want if it was the nighttime. WEIRD, but I'm lost. I don't even know if we're able to do that anyways, with our limited knowledge.
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