Pocket Sacreligia, Prophet of St. Gulik (pockettheroach) wrote in thequestionclub,
Pocket Sacreligia, Prophet of St. Gulik

So. I've been wanting to give myself a manicure. I paint my nails a lot, but everything just ends up looking all raggedy and sloppy. How would I go about doing this? More specific questions that also need to be addressed:

-In manicure sets, I see this pointy piece of wood called a cuticle pusher. I don't know what it does, but it looks painful--explain please?

-I have very thin, weak nails in the winter, and I never grow my nails long (I'm fortunate to have a long nail bed, so even with my nails cut short, they don't look all short and stubby). This time of year, the top layer of my nails at the tips will often flake and wear away. Anything I can do for that?

-And finally, the skin at the base of my nails tends to get all dry and red and irritated, and I get these little bits of skin peeling off. Wha?? What do I do for that?
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