Well, look at the time! (ivhorseman) wrote in thequestionclub,
Well, look at the time!

4 srs question tyme?

i believe one of my good friends may "like" me. which could be a very good thing, but i a) am not particularly "lol in like" with her, and b) am very likely just imagining non-existent feelings for me. i've noticed things like this before with other friends, but i usually just play it safe and ignore it till it goes away.

anyways, here's the question. how do i found out whether or not she actually "likes" me, without making it incredibly awkward if she doesn't? also without making it seem like i "like" her, and making things 10000x creepier. she's one of my best friends and we play in a band together, so i don't want to make her be all creeped out by me cause "matt was hitting on me and it was creepy T_T".

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