you're like hunger. (xglassjawx) wrote in thequestionclub,
you're like hunger.

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please help me.

yesterday i drank about 8 shots of vodka around 3pm. i woke up around 4 this morning, puked stomach acid, had water, puked that. i didnt eat anything yesterday. im so thirsty, but everything i drink i just puke. i also feel like a ton of bricks smacked me in the head, but im afraid to take medicine in case that comes up (which would be the most disgusting thing ever). should i try to eat? sip water, or juice? what do i do if everything just keeps getting thrown up? the alcohol was absorbed a looooong time ago, i dont know what function this puking has. my friend told me to have juice and toast. please help me, i feel so sick.
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