Rhea (xxxnevermorexxx) wrote in thequestionclub,

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Confused college student shit

a. Is anyone else here looking to get a paid internship of some type for the summer?

b. How the hell do you find these things? (I'm looking in online search engines from my university, but I generally haven't been getting any results, maybe because internships are mostly unpaid, or because I want one in a particular city?)

c. If you've already found one, what will you be doing? How much does it pay?

d. ... What the hell do I even need an internship for if I'm not looking to work for any sort of company in the long-term? I want to move up from a fast-food job this summer and people have been telling me that I should get internships because they'll sound good later. But it seems kind of pointless. I just want cash and some experience, but I'm not looking for future job offers. Should I even bother?
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