Mrs McSupergirl (widgetchick) wrote in thequestionclub,
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1. Do YOU remember "Oom pah pea colony colonesta"?? How about "I'm going to Kentucky, I'm going to the fair"?

2. Do you spit out your gum prior to entering a public restroom? What about at home?

3. What's your favorite gum?

4. What's your favorite board game?

1. Yes and yes - but I just googled them to find out the REAL way to play and what the lyrics really are.

2. Always in public, rarely at home. My friend thought I was crazy. I thought she was crazy for NOT getting rid of her gum before entering a public restroom.

3. Right now I'm loving Juicyfruit.

4. Monopoly or Go For It! Scattegories is fun too! But is that a "board" game?


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