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Because the search function is broken...

I'm sure this has been asked a thousand times before, so feel free to ignore it if you're tired of answering.

What do you do when you care about a friend, but she just makes horrible choices for herself?

Well, *my* interpretation of horrible. It's primarily centered on her boyfriend, who is just... a moron and a jerk. He's racist (She's latino, and he referred to their baby as "half a spic"), he gave her an STD, he slapped her around when she was nine months pregnant.. etc. She had me come to their apartment after having a huge fight while she was pregnant (As soon as I got there I saw huge hole they'd made in the wall), and she sobbed, saying that she didn't want him anywhere near the baby, she didn't trust him, she hated him, etc. But a month later she says "We're going to marriage counseling." The baby is named after him, she just put all of these pictures of him up on her Myspace..

I'm trying to be supportive, but it is really aggravating me that she's putting up with this. Should I just shut up and be friends with her, but not hang around him (which I already do, but since she had the baby, they're always together)? I think she's afraid that she can't provide for the baby on her own, and it's just easier to stay with him.. but MARRIAGE??

Or am I just overreacting? How long does it take a person to change?

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