Joel Stringfellow (njyoder) wrote in thequestionclub,
Joel Stringfellow

1. How do you relate to people that are otherwise nice, but are dumb (in a very direct sense of intelligence and/or memory)?

That is, their lack of intelligence causes them to often be annoying, because they try to defend stupid propositions as if they were a reasonably intelligent person.

EDIT: 2. Is there a semi-polite way of telling such a person that they aren't that bright so that they don't remain so oblivious to their own stupidity?

I realize that this is probably asking a lot. If there was a good solution, then maybe we could prevent the stupids from running rampant in society.

3. FICTION RECOMMENDATIONS. What good utopian/dystopian works of fiction (not necessarily books) are there that concern a society with a class system based on intelligence?

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