Pocket Sacreligia, Prophet of St. Gulik (pockettheroach) wrote in thequestionclub,
Pocket Sacreligia, Prophet of St. Gulik

Okay, I just woke up (as in about five minutes ago) from a very strange dream. I'm normally pretty good to decoding dreams, and this one has what I would consider extremely obviously symbolism if someone else told me about it...but absolutely none of it applies to me! In the dream, my parents were, well, not forcing me to get married, but they'd picked out someone for me to marry and they expected me to comply. I don't think I even saw the guy they had picked out at any point in the dream. I went through the whole dream working on planning things, going around with my sister and a couple other girlfriends picking out everything for the wedding...and then finally on the morning of the wedding, I declared that I was not getting married, I didn't care about this guy (whoever he was), that whenever I did get married I'd do it my way, etc. And so of course I wasn't forced into it. It was almost like a movie, really.

Now that seems very obvious. But. Right now, I'm at a point in my life where I feel like I have control, I'm actually doing exactly what I want to do, and absolutely nobody is forcing me to do anything--not that my parents would ever tell me to marry someone or really tell me to do any particular thing with my life, and not that I'd go along with such a plan for a second! Does anyone have any deeper insight into this extremely weird dream?
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